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At the consultation we will discuss your project with you by phone or on-site.

The consultation is how we learn about your needs, budget and your vision for the space. Once we understand your specific goals we will provide you with a project timeline, pricing, product ideas and the best plan of action. 

STEP 2: process



We will declutter and organize your items so it’s easy for you to decide what to keep, donate, relocate or toss. No judgement here, only helpful encouragement and strategic ideas. We use a proven process that will keep your project moving forward.


The vision becomes reality! We will create a new and organized solution for your space. The finished space will be expertly designed, efficient, and easy for you to maintain.


We are experts at knowing which containers and organizational tools will work best to maximize each space. We will coordinate with you at every step so that your goals and needs are addressed.
We offer design, shopping and all services related to your specific project.

Step 3: Organized space



We offer a “refresh session” if you would like to have us come back and refresh the space. These refresh sessions are a quick way to get the space back to neat and organized. 


Kitchens, Bedrooms, Closets, Living Spaces, Offices, Kids Rooms, Bathrooms,
Garages & More!


Storage & Efficiency Solutions, Style &
Design Help, Paper Management,
Filing Systems & More!


Connect with us so we can discuss your specific needs and find the perfect
solution for you!